Songbook academy is meant to uphold the values of Great American Songbook

The Songbook Academy offers the singers at high school the opportunity of to learn from the best in the music industry professionals and top educators. The students are able to experience the unique culture in the America music first hand from the Great American Songbook.

The Songbook academy wants to celebrate the American Popular music’s golden age. The program is designed for the high schools students and it dedicated the music played from Tin Pan Alley era and from Hollywood and Broadway musicals. Songwriters who contributed to the great american songbook were able to translate optimistic spirit and positive values in the Soundtrack for the American life. Such values are still applicable to the life today as it was in the past.

The program wants to foster young people who have the interest in the American Songbook music like popular music, Jazz standards and classic Broadway. The students are going to have an opportunity in participating in the master classes and workshop where they can be taught on different topics with music educators from top music university with theatre programs around the country. The teachers also include Grammy award winners, performers and musical directors.

For the students to attend the Songbook academy they have to be resident of United States and they should submit two recording of two songs found in great american songbook. The songs should be contrasting one another. The application will be judged by the panel of industry professionals and music educators who will give each applicant a written feedback. Around 40 students are going to be chosen so that they may attend the academy. They will meet in Carmel, IN and they will be mentored and also evaluated. The teaching lasts for 7 days and the students are going to be taught how to perform and interpret music found in Great American Songbook.

When the student applies, he will be able to learn from the master classes and workshop under the best mentors such as Emmy winners, Grammy winners and veteran from Broadway. The topics in the workshop include phrasing and lyrics, vocal health, vocal technique, stage presence, song interpretation, entertainment business, business end, improvisation, image day and Songbook 101 with audition.

The student will get a chance of performing at state of the art stage with perfect acoustic called Palladium Concert Hall and the audience is more than 1,000 people. He can perform to the world class mentors so that he can receive their feedback with advices. There are many opportunities for the students to perform for different audience while in the week of the Songbook Academy. There are many opportunities of performing and participating in other events of Songbook. The student gets a chance of connecting with other students who have the same passion. He can build the network of the professionals or university contacts. The students will be able to be in the alumni of the Songbook Academy and they will be connected to the mentors or peers and they will be able to learn about future opportunities.   The participant also gets the Great American Songbook Youth Ambassador Award.